Pinging list to share

Pinging list to share

Pinging is very important as part of our backlinks plan. It should be one of our SEO strategies.

Most of my sites are using wordpress.  So for pinging I’m using cbnet Ping Optimizer. The beauty of the plugin,  it will manage our pinging process.  It prevents wordpress from excessive pinging. Excessive pinging can have negative effect from search engine. You can download it directly from wordpress site : cbnet Ping Optimizer

It is a free plugin and can easily be installed and activated.  To make it more effective we also need to have a list of ping sites. To help you out I’m attaching ping sites that I’ve been using for sometime now. There are 54 sites in the file.  Just copy the list into your cbnet ping optimizer plugin.  That it. We are done.

cbnet ping optimizer

Share with us you list if you happen to have a more complete one.

Here is the ping list : ping list

2 Responses to “Pinging list to share”

  1. arslan mirza says:

    i want in ping list

  2. arslan mirza says:

    its verry best

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